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Ivars Skrebelis

CEO with Cannelle Bakery

Each of us has the "blind spots", areas in the way we appear to other people that need to be addressed, but we do not know ourselves about. Leadership development program provided by Sense of Team in cooperation with Thomas Bothe have found the way to identify those "blind spots" and then address them during training in a very focused and structured way; you leave the training aware of what you have to work with and trainers will follow through, if you keep up with your personal commitments.

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Mariss Mežgals

Member of the management board at LVRTC

Attitude, intensity, special place: those are three qualities which could describe this training. You should be ready to represent a high involvement and focusing not to lag behind trainees, but anyway you will because they work hard to develop you and not to spend just time together!

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Zane Grundiņa- Arāja

CEO at Olympic Sports Centre LTD

The key to success in business is to maximize profit with minimal resources. If we talk about resources like money and raw materials, then the principle is clear as blue sky, but when we think about the energy we use to achieve the goal, the principle is not only clear anymore, but it also starts to be hard to use. And how often do we end up the working week with no power? Why it is so?
The focus and main task of managers' growth and development training is to highlight the skills of the manager, whose development becomes more effective not only in their thoughts and deeds, but also helps others to become more effective. Each of the skills we develop is our own choice. The effect of awareness and understanding is invaluable. Thank you for letting me see myself from the edge and lighting up my dark areas. Switch on the light in a dark room helps not only easier to see, but also increases the pace of movement. These skills are lifechanging.