NASDAQ OMX Baltic darbinieku komandas sadarbības un komunikācijas programma

2009. gada 5. septembris, viesu nams „Mežrozes”, Latvija

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Andrus Alber

Chairman of Management Board Nasdaq OMX Tallinn

Day was very well organized. Games and exercises gave real possibility to test international team spirit and cooperation. Exercises were interesting, not "wedding-party style" games that many team building companies suggest. Feedback from exercises and lessons learnt was also cleverly managed. I would recommend them.

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Arminta Saladziene

President of Nasdaq OMX Vilnius

The day we spent under Sense of Team guidance was fantastic. Every single person felt engaged throughout the day and eagerly shared support, great ideas, fun, and pride of achievement with the peers. This was a great achievement by itself since we were a team of 50! The activities were not too physically demanding however challenging which made all participants comfortable and eager. We definitely left the teambuiding event as a stronger, more open and committed Baltic team.