"Metlife" Latvijas un Lietuvas darbinieku komandas sadarbības un komunikācijas programma

2013. gada 22. oktobris, “Bistrampolis” muiža, Paņeveža

skatīt vairāk

Andžela Sabeckienė

"Metlife Amplico" Training director Baltics

It was really a strong day for all participants... day, which increased our feeling of being a team, brought better understanding of each other, the day, which made a difference....May be not for everybody, may be not fully or finally, but anyway it changed the usual way of our thinking, point of view, mood and feelings. It was a lot of practical activities, all the day was about active participation: doing, thinking, communicating, being involved, feeling different feelings and getting different insights. All this experience was useful to increase our self awareness and understanding of others. Team exercises and different tasks made people more involved and responsible for the result; also increased their willingness to help each other in order to win, as a team. I really appreciate Sense of Team (Ināra, Nils, Rinalds and Rudite) for their job done, for their Professional approach and for the way, how they perform. Especially big thank you to Ināra, for her special skills to listen and understand others, what in my opinion, really helped to get very thoughtful training.