Starptautiskas Erasmus+ apmācības Training of Trainers "Up We Go!" (Projekta nr, 2018-2-LV02-KA105-002186 )

2018. gada 30. septembris – 8. oktobris, Sense of Team Mācību centrs

Šis projekts ir veidots ar mērķi – identificēt un izprast individuālās īpašības un uzvedību gan strādājot komandā, gan atrodoties vadītāja pozīcijā. Projekta aktivitāšu ietvaros tā dalībnieki – jaunatnes darbinieki un NVO vadītāji, pilnveido savas kompetences, izmantojot DISC, Augsto un Zemo virvju programmu pieeju.

Šo paveicām kopā ar “Open Sense”


skatīt vairāk

Timi Majoros

CEO Élményakadémia Közhasznú Egyesület, Hungary Academy of Experience Public Benefit Association

I improved myself in a personal level and also in a professional level too during the training. My personal goal was to take care more about my own needs and practicing taking less if it is about duties. I can say that the structure of the training really supported my goal and I highly appreciated that the trainers had great sense to let us, participants relax and they didn't overload us with full of tasks and programmes during the day. In my professional life I feel that the training helped me to be more aware of my team members' behavior. I can use the DISC method which I have learnt about during the training as a tool which helps me to discover new aspects, new approaches behind a situation and gives better understanding.
I highly recommend this training to leaders and enthusiastic people who work in teams, especially at NGOs as it has recharged me mentally and physically too, it gave me inspiration to continue my everyday work in a better shape. This is essential in our field because we always tend to take care about others and forget about ourselves However, if I want to support another, I need to start with myself. Thank you, Madara, Roberts and Juris to have made it happen for me!

skatīt vairāk

Branzas Beniamin Viorel

Founder of Projects and Ideas for Active Youth, Romania

Training of Trainers "Up We Go!` was my first educational program that involved outdoor tools as a main approach. And it fully exceeded my expectations, since I learnt that trusting people is much needed in moments when I wouldn’t consider it. It was enlightening to see how the theoretical input can be effectively understood through outdoor education, and how I can now better observe my and other’s behavioral patterns when working together or just having a small chat. After all the experience, I strengthened the belief that non-formal education is definitely the most appropriate approach for developing soft skills and, to an extent, a proper way for personal introspection and discovery. I could mention several interpersonal skills that I developed during this experience, but as an experienced youth worker, I definitely can name this week as on of the best in this year!
For those organisations and professionals who would like to explore their leadership culture, assess the communication skills or just pump a healthy dose of smart adrenaline, this is the program to try out!